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3in1 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Household 9000Pa Strong Suction Mini Air Duster

3in1 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Household 9000Pa Strong Suction Mini Air Duster

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Experience powerful, versatile cleaning with our 3in1 Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Household 9000Pa Strong Suction Mini Air Duster. Equipped with a digital high-speed motor and 4000mAH battery, this cordless vacuum delivers up to 9000Pa of suction for a deep clean of dust, pet hair, sand and food residue. An inflatable nozzle lets you blow away dust and inflate swimming rings, balloons. Plus, a suction head to pump household storage bags. Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of our multi-purpose vacuum cleaner.

Product Description:
Cordless vacuum can also be a blower and vacuum pump. One side of the vacuum cleaner can handle all kinds of vacuuming jobs, and the other end can be connected with an inflatable nozzle, which can blow off the dust and inflate swimming rings, balloons. The suction head can be connected inside, suitable for the pumping of household storage bags. Meet the various needs in your life.
Portable small vacuum cordless rechargeable is equipped with a digital high-speed motor, its battery capacity is 4000mAh which only takes 2-3 hours to charge once and can be used for half an hour. The strong motor can provide up to 9000pa powerful suction, which can easily clean dust, pet hair, sand, food residue, little liquids, debris hidden in cushions or sofa. It's a perfect gift for families or friends!
The small vacuum cordless rechargeable has an Ergonomic handle, light-weight and cordless and one-touch starting design, built-in high-efficiency motor, this is a multifunctional wireless vacuum specially designed for cleaning the car, home, and office. It is not only a small vacuum cleaner hand-held but also a practical air pump and blower. Able to inflate swim rings, and deflate storage bags. Help to make a fire with air-blow function on outdoor camping.
Cordless vacuum use a washable and reuse HEPA filter. And equipped with a dust collection cup, which adopts a double buckle design to effectively prevent the dust cup from falling off during use, rotate disassembly after use, quick dumping of garbage, convenient for cleaning and next use. Also come with a small cleaning brush as a small helper, that could help clean more easily. Note: the hair of the brush is a bit not neat due to the craft, no affecting use.
Small vacuum cordless rechargeable, lightweight and portable, without the trouble of clumsy and tangled wires, which can help you easily clean all places. The portable vacuum has a premium HEPA filter, good air permeability, washable and reusable. You can easily remove the HEPA filter and clean it. Note: Remember to dry it before putting it back in the vacuum.
Package Included:
1x Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
1x Washable Filter
1x Crevice Nozzle
1x Brush Nozzle
1x Inflatable Nozzle
1x Suction Nozzle
1x USB Charging Cable


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