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Silicone Moisturizing Heel Sock Protector for Dry and Cracked Heel

Silicone Moisturizing Heel Sock Protector for Dry and Cracked Heel

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Silicone Moisturizing Heel Sock Protectors are medical grade ultra-thin and lightweight design that provide complete heel protection from cracked and peeling skin. The shock absorbent design helps reduce and speed up the recovery process from foot calluses and offers instant relief from heel pain. Reusable and simple to clean, these silicone socks prevent heel spurs and soften your heels. Wear them for better cushioning and comfort.


Medical Grade Ultra-thin Lightweight Design Silicone Gel Heel Socks offer complete heel protection to keep your heels moisturized and heal your cracked feet. The stretchy design provides better comfort and cushioning for your heels. With its shock absorbent, these silicone sleeves prevent Heel Spurs and soften your Heels. Take the pressure off your heels from Cracked and Peeling Skin. Helps reduce and speed up the recovery process from foot calluses. An easy, convenient way to protect your skin from painful irritation and dry, cracked skin. PEDIMEND Heel Protectors are reusable and simple to clean: hand washes with warm water and soap, then air dry.
Help to relieve severe Heel Pain & Discomfort from Your Sore Hurting Heels, Heel Spur Treatment, Bone Spur, Aching Feet, Aches, Stress Fractures, Bruised Foot, Sprained Foot. Even Sharp Extreme Heel Soreness & Swollen Feet.
This sleeve provides compression that helps to alleviate pain from Fallen Arches. Absorbs shock from heel strike which will prevent Heel Spurs that often follow Plantar Fasciitis. Soften the Calluses, Moisturizing Whitening.
This Heel Protector has high tenacity, high pressure-resistance and high vibration reduction ability, it can bounce back quickly. It can release the ache in heels, reduce pressure in heels and reduce the vibration. It can effectively prevent the chapping of heels. It can soften the callosity, keep your heels in good conditions and make your heels healthier.
Relieving Heel Pain, preventing the foot from Cracking, Soften the Calluses, Moisturizing and Whitening, Preventing grinding feet.
Do not worry about the size of the problem, the Heel Pad is very flexible, so that Size is suitable for most feet.
✓ Prevention Feet Dry, Cracked Feet and Peeling
✓ Soften Calluses Moisturizing Whitening Effect
✓ Relieve Heel Pain, Heel Pressure with Extra Cushioning
✓ These Gel Protectors are also ideal for High Heel shoes and normal shoes or any protection against pressure to the feet
✓ These soft Silicone Gel Heels Protectors are perfect for protecting your heel
✓ These Heel Protectors provide a layer of soft, cushioning gel, which shield your heels from irritation
✓ Relieve Fatigue, Promotion Foot Microcirculation
✓ Hand-Washable and reusable Protectors
✓ Apply to clean and dry foot
✓ Position pad so that it is well placed around the heel area
✓ Remove the cushion at least 3 to 4 hours daily to allow the skin to breath
Wash with warm water or soap
Air dry away from direct sunlight
If it becomes sticky after cleaning, you can sprinkle the product with baby powder or talcum powder
Avoid dryer. High-heat will deform the silicone
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